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Propellerhead Reason 8.3

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Reason is muzieksoftware ontwikkeld speciaal voor jouw muzikale creativiteit. Welke muziek je ook maakt, het is nu nog eenvoudiger om het te maken en te publiceren. Reason 8 zorgt voor een nog snellere en overzichtelijke interface met een nieuwe look. Drag en drop alles en overal heen voor een supersnelle manier van werken. Check ook de nieuwe SOFTUBE amp en speakers simulaties.


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Complete change list voor Reason 8.3

Added convolution mode to RV7000 reverb
The detached rack window can now have a separate browser panel
Zoom to Selection function for quickly zooming in on selected clips or notes
Buttons for setting MIDI focus to a device directly from the rack
The static value for an automated parameter is now adjustable in Arrange Mode
Added fold button for Info area in browser
Remote files for Akai MPK Mini added
Removed outdated splashes shown when copying sound banks from DVD
Increased horizontal zoom in Edit mode in all template songs
In Manual Rec mode, Parameter Automation Rec Enables are no longer turned off when you select another track
The template song chosen in the Setup Wizard should be set in the Preferences
Mixer scrollbar no longer overlaps the channel strip name labels
Replaced "Beta Version" dialog on startup with label in splash
Added tool tip for browse/clear button in Browser side panel
Audio is now properly clipped to range [-1,1] when dropping to Propellerhead
Assert Failure When Browsing Nested Folders Using Kong's NN-Nano Sampler Module
Assert on duplicate many clips
Authorizer could crash if it tried to start Codemeter service (Mac) and failed
Assert on drag and drop of REX file to Dr OctoRex
User statistics failed if Codemeter wasn't installed
Reason and Authorizer now works with earlier versions of Codemeter (Mac)
Fixed a problem using network attached storage in Reason
If Music folder was broken, Reason couldn't start (Unknown exception)
Corrected text field validation in Drop dialog
3rd party RE patch files didn't show proper icons in Reason Essentials
Having subfolders in the DiagnosticReports folder on Mac could cause Reason to crash
New Authorizer version included (handles full disk better)
It wasn't possible to drop an NN19 patch on an NN-XT device in Reason Essentials
The Windows installer now requires the channel.phat file to be present (avoiding broken auto-update)
Improved support for folder aliases and symbolic links
Text parsing when importing MIDI files could cause unknown exceptions

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